Current studies

Patient specific finite element model of the femoro-popliteal arterial tract
This study which is financially supported by the Swiss Heart Foundation and by the Swiss National Foundation aims at understanding the complex biomechanical properties of the femoro-popliteal arteries. We hope to improve patient outcomes subsequent to stent implantation through this research.

All Comers Post Market Clinical Follow-up with Multi-Loc for flow-limiting outcomes (LOCOMOTIVE)
This study assesses the clinical utility of a novel stent concept (Multi-Loc Stent, BBRAUN Medical) for the treatment of obstructions of the femoro-popliteal arteries.

VEIN Occlusion with VArious techniques (VEIN Occlusion with VArious techniques (VEINOVA) Register)
Aim of this study is to assess the safety and efficacy of various minimal-invasive treatment options for patients with varicose veins. In addition, stage-dependet patient allocation to various treatment modalities is assessed.

Swiss Pudendal Obstruction Widening for Erectile Restoration (SwissPower) Registry
Aim of this study is to scrutinize the clinical efficacy of stent angioplasty of erection-related arteries in patients with erectile dysfunction.